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Hi, My name is Bernice Brown and I am a writer looking to build an online portfolio. I have worked for many companies in the past and I want to share my expertise in the form of online content, and I hope to post an article on All I’d ask in return is a link back to my site. I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind Regards

Arul Dhas

Why the business people are not using Cloud Technology?


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting technology has come many way, and more than a few large endeavor or corporate have been using it for years together, but for the small and mid segment business people to be able to look at it, pricing come down in future, but they having the pricing has significantly come down over past few years.

They have learned the features of cloud hosting technology, which is persuasive the mid-size company and corporals to move and utilize the cloud technology arena.

Most of the business industry has made a valuable speculation by move to the cloud technology. Often others have not up till now empowered in the infrastructure required making a transition to the cloud. The most important reason why cloud computing technology isn't as admired as it could have been being that the expensive cost factor is still a concern for small businesses.

Once definitely be expecting to see further and more businesses people building a shift to cloud as new cost effective cloud technology executions continue to be vast developed, and it can an exaggeration to say, everyone would be in the cloud technology.


Why do I need a professional Website for my business?


why website

  1. You will get brand trustworthiness.
  2. Website builds a customer relationship and dependability.
  3. 24x7x365 days continuous accessibility.
  4. Website is a popular media for advertisement with cost effective.
  5. It`s save your money, meantime its huge publicity.
  6. It`s having business information and route map (Google Map) so what, it`s creates a rapport with genuine customer.
  7. It`s save your and end-user time.
  8. It`s a tool for getting target audience or customer in the market.
  9. Website reflects your products and services to the customers in 24 hours.
  10. Improve service quality getting by the feedback of customers.
  11. Website is a basic tool for digital marketing.
  12. Website is an all time showcase to your products or services.

Alex Raja

Why responsive design?


digital marketing More or less every new website client nowadays wants a mobile compatibility version of their own website. It's almost practically necessary after all. Its variable one and design for the iOS and android, another like the Phone, Tab, Notebook and Kindle. All screen resolutions must be compatible too. In the future, definitely we'll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions. In the IT industry Web design and Web application development, rapidly getting to the point of being incapable to keep up with the endless new resolutions and devices. In to the world many of the websites, creating a website for each resolution and new variable device would be impossible, or in impractical. It's consequences of losing visitors from one device to another.


What is responsive design and why?


responsive website 

What is Responsive Web design?

Responsive Web design is the move toward that suggests that web design and development should respond to the visitor`s deeds and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. It`s consists of a combine of flexible grids and structural layouts, images and content an intelligent use of CSS technology queries. As the internet user surf from their laptop to phone, desktop to Tab the website should automatically adjust to accommodate in to the frame resolution, image size and content aptitude. Generally the website should have the technology to automatically responding to the user`s devices choice. That`s called responsive web design.


How important `DIGITAL MARKETING` in business?


importance of digital marketing

Economic way to reach the target

It is very economy than the early traditional marketing. This is much important for small businesses or small companies as they don't have many possessions or lot investments. New media of Digital Marketing can give you with a economic and more successful promotion strait.

Easy way to join with Customers

Digital marketing content moreover supports or admiring allows you to connect with customer or consumers much more effective than direct marketing or PR campaigns. Digital marketing is strength of your online business promotion now directly linked or reach to the success of your business.

Catch the Mobile Consumer easy

Technology has developed and so much of mobile gadget are no longer considered meager substitute to desktop computers or laptops. 80% of adult in the world always have their mobile phone devices, tab within reaching the distance and regularly use them to surf in to the internet. The massive of consumers was using their mobile phone, Tab devices daily, so it's indispensable that you use digital marketing solutions that target their devices regularly properly.

Good economic turnover

Digital marketing helps to outreach company's digital content thereby increasing your revenue. More the data your outreach campaigns pull in for business, more the ROI will be.

Tracking your customer

Efficient digital marketing analytics services like Google analytics, helps your customers to be healthily monitored. Analytics allows customers to be provided with a persona so that you can offer them the perfect experience.

Surfers to digital customers

Digitally marketed products and services that hike up in an organic search converts surfers into subscribers, leads or sales, which allows you to calculate and improve your conversion rates.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement

New clients acquired through various social media channel plays vital role in a growing business. Digital media enables you to better engage with customers who are targeted based on their interests, age and country.

More likes, more credible business

Social media plays lead role in a company's digital marketing campaign. Customer credibility for a business increases based on increased social media likes, shares and tweets on their products and services. Digital Marketing in social media increases traffic to your website and inform your followers about discounts, new products, blog posts and company news, etc.

Beat your competitors

Digital marketing strategies such as Google Adwords, SEO, Google Alerts and SMO helps to track your competitors by monitoring their marketing strategies and products which in turn gives you an idea on areas of improvement, for your business.

Create your own brand value

Implementing digital marketing in your business strategy in of crucial importance in today's world. Most of the digital clients would trust a service or a product when people they know give positive reviews about a particular brand. Great reference by an individual with a strong social media influence would make or break your business. A brand value for your business can be created by influencing online customers through smart digital marketing strategies.


Is the responsive design support to the traffic?



First offal knows about Responsive Web design is an move toward whereby a web designer creates a Web page that mean that the design automatically responds to or resizes itself depending on the type of multi resolution device it is being seen through. Fundamentally this is a responsive website design coding is in a way that tolerate it to acclimatize to all multi resolution different screen sizes like smart phone. Tab, Laptop and smart TV screen. This means that you will be able to reduce the issues with usability on mobile devices, without having to create a separate theme and redirecting mobile users.

responsive design


  • Faster performance Website - with a responsive website, it familiarizes to the screen and consequently reduces the time it takes for desktop web sites to load on smart mobile phone devices.

  • Very lower Bounce Rate - faster performance sites that are easier to use will cheer visitors to browse the web site and decrease your bounce rate.

  • Responsive website preferred for SEO or Digital Marketing - getting become aware of online is solid, but with good Search Engine Optimize you can boost traffic to your website. Having a multi device combinability responsive website eradicate having duplicate content and means you don't split your site across more than a few websites.

  • Adapt Mobile Traffic - because online web users will be able to negotiate your website they are much more likely to make purchases and enquiries online.

  • One Website For All - as an alternative of using a segregate mobile and desktop design, you only have to be concerned about one website design. This makes uploading and changing content much easier.

  • Familiar to Manage - having the one multi device combinability responsive website means that you only have to manage one SEO campaign, deal with issues with one design and only need to bring out one lot of basic preservation.

All of this information technology works to carry in more web traffic and help turn more of your visits into custom, increasing your online productivity with profitability and overall revenue generation. If you're looking for a responsive web development company in Nagercoil then talk to creative graphic web design company Prism Technology today and get ready on developing the perfect and high performance, bespoke responsive website for you.

For more details go to RESPONSIVE DESIGN Page.

Derrin. M. K

How the color psychology is apply in the website?



Colors related with over our attitudes and emotions. The colors communicate with a region of the brain. It causes variation in temper, feeling, and behavior.

Research base indicates that 85% of all product assessments have to do relate with color. So, that the underneath line is: use the right colors with right product and you get success.


Color psychology is the scientific of how color influence with human behavior. Actually is a branch of the widen field of behavioral psychology. There are so many key facts about color psychology that are indubitable. It is a must-study field for product and web designers. Success depends upon how we use color with our business or products.


Especially in website design, we are choosing the color scheme. Which color embraces the header, footer, backgrounds, buttons, and menus?


Whether we are using the right color in the correct products, in the right time to the suitable audience, we got 80% positive result or 80% sale closing guarantee. Color is a tricky thing and reacts with their brain.

Many of the web designing companies knows about the technology, but few can understand the part of the color psychology integrated with web designing technology. We the Prism Technology well known about the color psychology how integrated with web design technology.

For more details visit COLOR PSYCHOLOGY page


What's the benefits of redesign a website?


Web designing companies developing the web sites were should accommodate a range of unpredictable human behaviors or human physiology. Confront of website designing for all sizes seems like a possible task. An option to complete positioning is relative pages to contract and expand to fit a variety of view able browsing areas with variable screen resolutions.

Responsive design is a latest technology adapts web design concept and development with latest technique that creates a site or system that reacts to the size of a user's screen resolutions. Responsive design will optimize a user's browsing experience by creating technology with flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device that is accessing it.

There has been a diverse viewer's shift towards Mobile, Tab and Laptop browsing and responsive design signify the simplest way to reach viewers or users across variable screen resolution devices and make sure a seamless user experience.

For more details please visit the following link

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